Your private laboratory

We are your research and development unit for professional cleaning solutions. Our private label service develops your own cleaning products - perfectly, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need special fragrances, packaging designs or product formulations, we make it happen for you. An experienced team of experts works closely with you, so your products meet high quality standards.

These are the three ways of working with us:

1. innovations

Application -> new product:

Tailor-made development in terms of spectrum of activity, material compatibility, certification, colour, fragrance and viscosity

2. transformation

Existing product -> optimisation of recipe:

Further development according to your objectives: Increase performance and efficiency/cost savings/sustainability

3. contract manufacturing:

Existing product -> Production

Capacity for procurement, production and filling on modern equipment with 100% quality assurance

This is how we configure your desired product:

Formulation Buzil base products are the starting point. In the 115 years of experience with cleaning chemicals, drawers full of existing formulations have accumulated, waiting to be adapted exactly for your application and according to your wishes. This shortens the time to a finished product sample enormously and saves development costs.

Packaging You choose the packaging that is right for you. Standard packaging is in stock and can be filled on various modern filling lines. Customized packaging is also possible.

Scent Scent is an experience. Which scent do you want your customers to associate with your product? We have many perfumes in stock or we can procure it exactly according to your ideas.

Color Color conveys a message. Whether clear or colored - we give your product the right look and produce the desired shade.

Label We ensure the correct identification on the label of your chemical product. For this purpose, we check your templates or create the appropriate label together with you.

Our service portfolio


No matter which collaboration you choose, Buzil Private Label is the ideal partner to support and guide you through every stage of the process. Let us be successful together!

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Christine Nauheimer
Head of Private Label/Business Development
+498331 930-941