Julius Wagner lays the foundation stone in Bissingen

Julius attended the Latin School in Bietigheim to learn banking after graduating from high school. He spent his apprenticeship and travelling years in Switzerland. There he made ambitious plans. In 1907, Julius Wagner, who later worked as an insurance inspector and general agent in the city archives of Ulm, founded his own company in his birthplace of Bissingen.


Move to Ulm

In 1912, the company moved to Ulm. At that time, the city was a stronghold of the oil and grease goods trade. An entry from 7.4.1916 refers for the first time to Julius Wagner's grease goods shop. In the years before, it was a specialist shop for Swiss embroidery. Julius' wife registered it on 1.3.1912.


Julius Wagner establishes a grease goods factory

The move to Memmingen, presumably on 17.3.1919, is the starting point for the manufacture and sale of products such as floor polish and shoe polish. Especially the leather grease, colourless, brown and black, was very popular with sportsmen for impregnating their boots. Not to forget the big seller "Fliegenfänger Wagner mit Stift am Band" - an article that regularly sold like hot cakes from spring until late autumn.


Franz Wagner takes over the company management

The production activities of Julius Wagner O.H.G. Chemische Fabrik are stepped up. Even before Franz Wagner took over the management of the company, he developed entrepreneurial plans for the future in the zero hour of the post-war period. He was no longer content with trading in oil and fat products alone. He realised that small-scale production would no longer have a future. He had a production company in mind. It is hard to imagine today what difficulties a newcomer without a name had to overcome to get raw materials and packaging material. The father's old recipes could only be expanded in small steps.


Company construction Memmingen

On 24 November 1960, the Unglehrt construction company arrived with a completely new method. For the first time in the history of the city of Memmingen, the construction method with prefabricated elements was tested on a multi-storey building. Load-bearing structural elements such as columns, beams and girders only had to be assembled at the construction site. Individual rooms could thus be changed at any time later by simply moving the walls - without the slightest intervention in the supporting structure.


Official Supplier of the Olympic Games

The company is appointed sole supplier of cleaning and care products for the XX Olympic Games in Munich. At the time, the products still operated under the name Buz.


Commissioning of the current production facility

In 1994, the current production facility in Memmingen was put into operation. On 11 August 1992, the first sod was turned on the greenfield site in the north of Memmingen. The inauguration ceremony took place in September 1994. When the new building was started, there were only meadows and maize fields all around - not a single building. Today, the company is part of a large industrial estate.


Reinhard Wagner joins the Executive Board

Reinhard Wagner about his first day at work: "My father took us by the hand in the morning, walked through the production area from his office and directed us towards a metal door on the first floor. When he opened it, he said, beaming: "So, this is your laboratory, you can work there from now on.


Company entry Isabell Janoth, owner (4th generation)

Isabell Janoth started her professional life with Buzil via the well-considered hurdle of an internship between her Abitur and her planned studies in business administration. She learned in the secretariat of the management, in export, and she got her first insight into production scheduling.


Subsidiary for Eastern Europe

The Buzil brand was well known in Poland long before 2005. The establishment of the subsidiary Buzil Polska was an obvious step towards international expansion. A year earlier, Poland joined the European Union. The cleaning industry there was hungry for know-how in the field of professional cleaning. As a German manufacturer, Buzil stood for quality, know-how and good service. Today, Buzil is established in Poland and competes with the biggest companies in the industry.


Niederlassung für Middle East

Buzil launched a strategic alliance in Dubai back in 2006. The gigantic construction projects in the region are creating a new market there every day. Buzil recognised the economic potential and finally opened a subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates.


Relaunch der Nachhaltigkeitsmarke "Planta"

Highest cleaning quality with sustainability guarantee. Being ecological is possible without sacrificing cleaning performance and effectiveness. Planta becomes the Buzil Company's independent sustainability brand this year.