Our corporate history - over 100 years of tradition



The new brand identity: customer- and utility-oriented

Buzil is making its product labels even more needs-oriented in order to offer its customers and users improved service: we have introduced an improved colour-coding system to indicate applications and cleaning performance, unambiguous pictograms, QR codes that will lead you directly to all product information on our website, and front pages in neutral language for use that is internationally universal. Furthermore, in accordance with the GHS/CLP Ordinance, which entered into force on 1 June 2015, all Buzil products are being reclassified – at Buzil, this is always done on the basis of the maxim: "If in doubt, user safety first".


Times are changing

A new corporate design is being introduced in connection with a new slogan. The slogan: "PERFECTLY CLEAN – FOR SURE" offers a succinct summary of what the company and its branded products stand for. As before, the central element is the well-known Buzil logo, which is more prominent thanks to its three-dimensional presentation on a white background. A modern layout with clear visual language, a dynamic colour palette with the main colours of red and blue, and a clear, colour-coded system for the entire product range with unambiguous product positioning complete the brand relaunch.   

South-East Europe region

Buzil continues to expand, extending its export activities to South-East Europe. Following the establishment of the SEE (South-East Europe) region, selected Buzil products are now also available in countries such as Turkey.


Joint venture in South-East Asia

In 2013, Buzil also founds a joint venture with Rossari Biotech Limited to meet demand on the Asian market. Incorporated under the name Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd. Buzil Rossari now supplies cleaning and hygiene solutions that meet European standards to countries in South-East Asia from its site in Mumbai (India).


Green solar electricity

Why not use a free, unlimited source of energy such as the sun? In 2012, Buzil installs a 220 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof. The photovoltaic system generates clean energy and helps reduce CO2 emissions.


Branch in the UAE

…, Dubai five years later…the boom continues. Buzil establishes a branch in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Buzil Werk Wagner GmbH & Co. KG Middle East in Dubai.


Business handover

In 2010, Reinhard Wagner retires from the Board of Management and transfers all of his shares to his daughter Isabell. As owner and CEO, she takes over the management of the company together with managing director Mr. Klaus Karl.


Buzil celebrates: 100 years young

Reinhard Wagner takes great pleasure in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Buzil plant founded by his grandfather Julius Wagner with all the staff and his business partners and friends. More than 600 guests take up his invitation to celebrate this wonderful event with him at the Hohes Schloss castle in Bad Grönenbach.


The Dubai story

Construction boom. Massive construction projects. New pieces of the market spring up every day. Huge potential for Buzil. In 2006, Buzil founds the Strategic Alliance in Dubai, cementing a collaborative partnership with other German companies.


Fourth generation, looking to the future

Isabell Wagner becomes the fourth generation of the family to lead the company as a managing director, at her father's side. She oversees a repositioning of the Buzil brand. As part of this process, the product range is restructured and clarified and special editions and systems are introduced. For the brand relaunch, the cat becomes the central figurehead once again, changing from "Buz" to "Cat". 

Buzil in the world

Subsidiaries BUZIL Polska Sp. z o.o. and BUZIL Chimika Hellas Ltd. are founded in Poland and Greece respectively.


Sustainable business through environmental management

Sustainable business is an essential element of our responsibility for the future. Therefore, it is important to incorporate environmental aspects proactively and systematically into our corporate decisions. This is also the reason behind Buzil's decision to introduce an environmental management system that focuses on promoting environmental protection and reducing pollution, in accordance with economic, social and political requirements. In 2002, Buzil is awarded the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management certification.


Certified quality management

Under the supervision of Reinhard Wagner, the in-house Buzil laboratory introduces continuous, stringent quality controls and monitors the goods produced. This quality-conscious approach has supported development and production in the company since then, culminating in the awarding of the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management certificate to the company in 1996.


Family tradition

Reinhard Wagner takes over as the third generation of the family to manage the company. Under his leadership, the opportunities offered by the new, larger production facility lead to the current distribution concept, which uses trading structures via wholesalers and consequently saw the end of the company's own fleet of trucks. 

Change of name

The company changes its name to "BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co."


"On the greenfield"

Major changes for Buzil. The paradigm shift from constantly expanding production to comprehensive additional services requires more than just a spatial expansion: the entire plant concept is also transformed. After a complex construction phase, the new building stands tall and proud on Fraunhoferstrasse in Memmingen with its 12,500 m2, surrounded by meadows and cornfields and ready to face the future.


New look

Modernisation of labels. Design line from 1990 to 2006.


The drop is added to the logo

The current slogan is: "Buzil cleaning chemicals". At the beginning of the 80s, the equation 'Chemicals = bad' is entering the subconscious of the executive responsible for traffic management to an increasing extent and the company's trucks are regularly stopped and thoroughly inspected. This takes an enormous amount of time. The slogan is reworded to: "Chemistry in the service of cleanliness and value conservation" and a drop with clear positive associations is added to the logo in the spirit of ecology.


The first versions of the following Buzil products appear:

G 481 Blitz Citro (G 480 Blitz) . G 440 Perfekt . T 201 Polybuz® Trendy (G 201 Polybuz) . G 235 Unibuz . G 461 Contracalc® . G 460 Bucalex® 








1979 product range


More room to grow

In order to adapt to market conditions and realise the necessary increase in capacity, a spacious new, company building is constructed at Berger Straße in Memmingen in 1976. All the company's employees and many prestigious guests attend the inauguration celebration in the new building.


Pioneering spirit

Having completed his chemistry studies together with his wife Gudrun, Reinhard Wagner joins the company in 1974, assuming responsibility for developing cleaning materials. He builds his own laboratory for product development and with it lays the foundations for the current product range, which has been continuously improved and developed to his specifications. Products such as Blitz Citro (1982) and Polybuz® Trendy (1982) have their roots in this work.


20th Olympic Games

What an honour! Buzil is named "Sole supplier of cleaning and care products for the XX Olympic Games in Munich". (At the time, the products still traded under the name BUZ.)



Franz Wagner buys a small manufacturer named "Planta-Pharm" in the Rosenheim area. This company produces solvent-based shoe polish and floor wax as well as specialities such as Alpine herb bubble bath, pine needle rubbing alcohol and Plantatdont, a toothpaste containing fluoride and menthol. However, the introduction of ever-stricter regulations concerning the manufacture of medical products ends the company's foray into the drugstore sector. The last product of this type is removed from the company's range in 2005.

Today, products with excellent environmental compatibility that fulfil the strict criteria set forth in the European and Austrian environmental standards are marketed under the name Edition PLANTA®. These products bear the European and Austrian Ecolabels.



The growth of the company doesn't escape the attention of the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK), which suggests referring to the company as a "Werk", or "plant". BUZ-Werk doesn't sound particularly impressive, and the need arises for a new logo that can flow with the language. After a number of suggestions, Buzil now continues to be Buzil: (The name BUZIL was taken for the company name from a product manufactured by the company, and has been retained to this day.) On 17 May, 1964, the company is renamed "Buzil-Werk Julius Wagner".


New company site

The five-storey company building – a true innovative of the time: for the first time in Memmingen's history, construction methods using prefabricated parts were trialled during the erection of a multi-storey building. As a result, an area of approx. 1,100 m2 now offered new opportunities to achieve larger production volumes and the number of employees also rose to 15.


Changes in management & trademarks

Franz Wagner becomes head of the "Julius Wagner OHG Chemical Factory" and intensifies production activity. One of the ambitious young company manager's early products is a floor wax, as yet unnamed. The floor wax is followed by a shoe cream, and these products needed a trademark. This is the moment when "Buz" wax and "Buz" shoe cream were born. The name comes from "BUZ", a Swabian short form for kitten. The ideas of cat and cleanliness are closely associated. The first company slogan is invented: "Buz ist gegen alle Schmutz" ["Buz is against all dirt"].


Family ties

After completing his chemistry studies in Munich, Franz Wagner joins his father Julius in the family business and initiates its post-war reconstruction (the company was badly damaged in a bomb attack on the nearby Memmingerberg airfield on 20 April, 1945), and the restructuring of the firm. Instead of being purely a trading company, the plan was now to produce the company's own floor and shoe care products containing wax.


"Erection of a factory for making oil and fat products"

"The manufacturer Julius Wagner, Augsburger Straße 70, of this town, intends to erect a factory for making oil and fat products on his premises, in which driving belt grease (adhesion grease), hoof grease, cart grease, [...] machine grease, leather grease, shoe cream, floor waxes, soap powder and soft soap are to be manufactured." (Extract from: Amts-Blatt des Stadtrats Memmingen [Memmingen town council official gazette], Monday 8 March 1920) 


The top seller of this period is the "Wagner flypaper with wand on the roll". "A sticky mass is produced from cold glue and a few additives. The paper tubes to which the fly-catching glue is to be applied are prepared by women working at home during the winter months. This was a sought-after and well-paid job at the time." 


Property purchase

Julius Wagner purchases a 1,100 m2 area of land on Augsburger Straße on the edge of Memmingen and erects a company building on it.


Establishment of the company in Ulm

Records from the Ulm city archive:

"On 1 March, 1912, Julius Wagner's wife registers an embroidery shop. Shop specialising in Swiss embroidery. Residence: Löfflerstraße 2.  On 1 April, 1912 the residential and business addresses change to Hafenbad 25, Ulm. On 4 April, 1916, the embroidery shop is taken over by Wilhelm Gauß (whose wife, née Knecht, was from Metzingen). From 1 April, 1916 (entry dated 7 April, 1916), Julius Wagner operates an oil and fat goods shop instead of his wife's embroidery shop at Karlstr. 26, Ulm. From 4 January, 1919 the shop also sells fruit juices."


How it all began...

Julius Wagner founds an oil and fat trading company at Bissingen an der Enz.