Being responsible also means questioning things


Looking closely at how raw materials and other resources are used in production is a growing concern for customers and users. If it is important to you when cleaning that we all treat the earth's resources with care, then ask for Planta.

An invitation to rethink


Highest cleaning quality with a sustainability guarantee It is possible to be ecological without having to compromise on cleaning performance and effectiveness.

How sustainable is your current cleaning strategy? Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the professional cleaning industry. With Planta products, you make a statement and stand for responsible action. This is what customers appreciate about your service providers.

Planta offers this advantage when working with your customers


Market studies prove it: Customers of cleaning service providers increasingly prefer environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene solutions. With the Planta range, you perfectly meet the sustainability requirements of your customers. The entireproduct range comes with at least one eco-label.



After more than 20 years, Planta was launched on the market in March 2023 with a fresh design and new products. As part of this change, the product names also changed. If you want to know what the product names are now, click on the button below.

Our sustainability is certified

The Buzil Company, the planta producer, received the platinum award from EcoVadis. This confirms that our actions protect the environment and health and conserve resources. EcoVadis is the world's most reliable sustainability rating for companies.

A portrait of the eco-experts

The Planta range supports professional cleaners in meeting the service and sustainability requirements of their customers. A look at the cleaning performance reveals that anything is possible. A radiant shine, quick streak-free drying, easy removal of limescale or a silky, shiny protective film. All in all, Planta products stand for these properties:

Planta products are ...... eco-certified ... sustainably designed ... barrier-free and have health in mind ... recyclable ... as efficient as conventional formulations

You can find out more details about the individual products in the product portraits.

30 % recycled material

Recycling reduces the overall environmental impact. Since mid-March 2023, our 1-liter bottles have been enriched with 30% recyclate. Recyclate stands for reprocessed plastic waste. Why is the proportion only 30%? The Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen confirms the lack of availability and sometimes inferior quality of the recyclate material. Nevertheless, the 30% is a first step for us. There will be further consequences that will lead to an increase in the proportion of recycled material.

Planta products are designed to be recyclable.


Their components are reused as often as possible and kept in the biological or technical cycle.

Why is the new Planta design a plus?


Planta wants to communicate as quickly as possible and without language barriers the area of application for which a product can be used. In the new design, photos (1) will take over this task. The new logo (2) shows that Planta is a green and environmentally friendly brand. With the signet (3) , we emphasize that the circular economy is an important concern for us in product design. Overall, the strong visual clarity (4 ) simplifies the handling of the products.

Number of our planta raw material suppliers by country

Denmark 11
Germany 180
Czech Republic1

Refill: Clean sustainably, benefit economically, discover the Planta bulk containers

At Planta, environmental protection and economy are in perfect harmony. That's why we recommend our 10-liter canisters - the ideal choice for environmentally conscious and cost-conscious customers. Save not only on costs, but also reduce waste by refilling your 1-liter bottles easily and conveniently. Our Planta cleaning products offer you the same trusted quality and performance, even in larger containers. Make a choice that's good for the environment and your wallet.