Your innovative partner for perfect cleanliness for 110 years

More than 140 professional experts under one roof, exports into over 35 countries and a strong global presence: Buzil is an pace setter and market leader in contemporary cleaning, care, hygiene and disinfection solutions. Besides a subsidiary in Poland and sales offices in Europe, there is also a representative office in the United Arab Emirates. 

Whether customers require professional office cleaning or specialist services for industrial, hotel, catering and care facilities – our Memmingen-based company has a proud tradition of developing, manufacturing and delivering first-rate solutions for almost any application as well as bespoke private label solutions for specific customer requirements.

Our success is primarily based on our extraordinary power of innovation. Working closely with our customers, more than 10% of our staff are engaged in product development and optimisation on a permanent basis.

The outcome is an intelligent combination of ultimate safety, efficiency and sustainability. For cleaning solutions that continue to set standards.