Responsibility & respect

  • Managers and employees know their tasks. They assume responsibility within the scope of their authority.
  • We recognize the achievements of others.
  • We own up to our mistakes and draw colleagues' attention to shortcomings with respect.
  • We use resources responsibly and sustainably - including living beings and nature. Time is a valuable resource and must not be wasted.
  • In cooperation with colleagues and all other partners, you can rely on us 100%.
  • All decide for themselves within the scope of their authorizations
  • We stand by our team and welcome feedback.

Transparency & fairness

  • We give our employees clear instructions.
  • Our employees know their performance.
  • We present environmental influences and openly address social issues.
  • "Really clean" stands for transparency, both internally and externally.
  • Buzil employees have decency, morals and ethics.
  • Managers are fair, honest and sincere.

Team spirit & passion

  • We are working together to preserve our jobs.
  • We help each other.
  • Thank you is not a foreign word for us.
  • Our own interests take a back seat.
  • We put our heart and soul into achieving the Buzil goals.
  • Success secures our future. Really clean for a future worth living.
  • We go the extra mile, but also take care of our health, breaks are important.