Our values

The Buzil corporate values - the foundation of our success

We are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for any task. 

Whether customers require professional office cleaning or specialist services for industrial, hotel, catering and nursing and care facilities – our Memmingen-based company Buzil has a proud tradition of developing, manufacturing and delivering first-rate solutions for almost any application, as well as bespoke private label solutions for specific customer requests. Our success is based primarily on our extraordinary power of innovation: working closely with our customers, more than ten per cent of our staff are engaged in product development and optimisation on an ongoing basis. The outcome is an intelligent combination of maximum safety, efficiency and sustainability. For cleaning solutions that continue to set standards. At Buzil, we are not simply concerned with maintaining the status quo. We want to find perfect solutions. We aspire to improve ourselves continually, pursuing ambitious goals: we wish to achieve profitable growth with the best products and services. Internally, we are constantly striving for the most efficient solution. We want to offer our employees outstanding development and career opportunities. To this end, we constantly keep an eye on the larger picture to create pioneering cleaning solutions. 

Innovative products, services and processes form the basis for long-term, profitable growth. The success of a company starts with people. Our employees think and act like "dedicated entrepreneurs" who want to find first-class solutions. Or, to put it simply: At Buzil,we live perfect cleanliness that lasts.

Our company values are the yardstick for how we think and act on a daily basis. They are the essence of that which joins each day with the next for us.

Our success is based on open dialogue, honesty, performance, respect and esteem, reliability, fairness, customer focus, support, responsibility and environmental awareness. These values govern our actions and interactions with customers and business partners as well as our teamwork and collaboration with one another on a daily basis.