Industrial- & workshop cleaner

Efficient, safe and fast. Industrial building and system cleaning with INDUMASTER

Whether you‘re dealing with oily or greasy dirt, specific contaminants such as glue, graphite, resin, rubber abrasion, heel marks or forklift truck tracks, or deposits of chalk, rust or minerals, you will need a reliable, fast-action dirt remover. Applications range from cleaning and care of industrial floor coverings and interior spaces such as ceilings and walls, a very wide range of metal and plastic surfaces as well as industrial glazing, to the cleaning, maintenance and care of production machines. Equally important are the product‘s short drying period, low levels of foam formation when used in cleaning machines, corrosion protection and environmental tolerability, for example in compliance with the Austrian standard (ÖNORM). Ensuring exemplary compliance in hygiene procedures is particularly essential in the food industry. Buzil has many years of experience and outstanding expertise in industrial and building cleaning, making it the right partner for these demands. INDUMASTER® industrial cleaners will enable you to achieve success when facing these challenges.

Preserving the value of machines and production facilities is our highest priority, as contaminants and improper care significantly increase the risk of faults and failure. INDUMASTER® and appropriate cleaning procedures and devices also greatly reduce the time required for routine cleaning and care.

Buzil also offers a full range of additional services. From customised property advice to creating cleaning schedules to customer-specific seminars and training: our experienced application specialists and the tried and tested Buzil Service Team will support you with a highly developed complete set of services. The service hotline and a comprehensive website complete our support offering, making sure customers have quick access to reliable information whenever they need it.

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