Technical & safety data sheets, operating instructions

Technical data sheets

explain to the user the precise characteristics and possible applications of the product. You can download the technical data pertaining to our Buzil products from the respective product information pages; this data is always kept up to date. 

Safety data sheet

provide professionals using chemicals with important information on the following features: product identity, hazards arising, safe handling and preventive and emergency measures. You can download the current safety data sheets for our Buzil products on the respective product information pages.

Operating instructions (currently available in German language)

must include information on the materials, equipment, machinery, Personal Protective Equipment, etc. as well as knowledge of the work processes. The creation of these documents is generally the duty of the operator and becomes binding for employees when signed by the operator/supervisor. They are therefore also relevant with respect to employment law. These sample operating instructions for our Buzil products can be adjusted and supplemented to suit requirements within your company. You can download an editable copy for our Buzil products from the respective product information pages.