Research & Development

Going from strength to strength. Because we always have a definite goal in sight: finding the best solution.

In 1907, the then managing director Julius Wagner launched Buzil as a commercial operation. Since then, the company has grown into one of the most cutting-edge chemical enterprises in Europe. In the process, something has arisen which still shapes our company today: a strong pioneering spirit. Ever since we started developing and manufacturing our own products, we are no longer satisfied with the current state of the art. Instead we always look to the future and try to stay a step ahead. Because we want to keep delighting our customers with new ideas and solutions. This is why a large proportion of our staff are exclusively engaged in research and development. What do our clients need? What specific products and qualities are they looking for? Is there any room for improvement? What can we do to increase the cost-efficiency, safety and convenience of daily professional cleaning tasks?

Our highly qualified experts know the answers to these key questions. They bring many years of experience and expertise, cutting-edge technology and a passion for perfect cleanliness to the task.

We always strive to find the best possible solution. To this end, we design our products on the basis of clear development guidelines. These enable us to achieve the right level of quality, safety and responsible action with regard to people and the environment. We are constantly examining the raw materials we use as part of our endeavours to switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives. To us, product safety and classification mean more than just adhering to legal regulations – the hallmark of our products can be summarised in the maxim: "If in doubt, user safety first".