Professional cleaning solutions

Efficient, safe and fast – Buzil does an expert job.

From office cleaning to industry-specific applications in industrial, hotel, catering, to nursing and care facilities: the regular cleaning of flooring, sanitary facilities, surfaces and technical equipment is a significant economic factor and an important issue in business and in public and private spaces. After all, only professional cleaning that protects both materials and the environment will help preserve the value of the object being cleaned and ensure it continues to function perfectly. But how can this task be achieved day after day as efficiently, safely and quickly as possible? In answer to this question, Buzil has put together an extensive range of cleaning, care, hygiene and disinfectant products and offers professional product solutions to meet virtually all requirements in the commercial cleaning sector.  

The Buzil colour coding system denoting the appropriate areas of application makes the process of selecting the correct product especially efficient and safe. Thanks to distinctive colour codes on container labels, and bottle caps and numerous dyed cleaning agents, mix-ups are virtually impossible. An additional colour code indicates the specific cleaning performance: all products for routine, intensive and basic cleaning, and for coatings, are marked with an additional coloured strip.

From individual initial consultations, to the right product selection and the optimisation of your cleaning processes, to our service hotline – Buzil offers a wealth of additional services to ensure that you can always enjoy brilliant results.