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Uniqueness guaranteed

Experience shows that product loyalty is strongest for private labels. Own brands, or 'private labels', are on the rise on an international scale and have enormous potential. Higher returns, standing out more clearly from the competition and developing customer relationships are important elements when deciding on your private-label product.

Buzil is the partner for your private-label project.

Whether as a full-range supplier for the cleaning industry or a supplier for highly specific industrial sectors, Buzil specialises in the development, production and distribution of professional cleaning and care chemicals. Its certified quality and environmental management system guarantees high standards. Exports to over 35 countries and product information in 25 languages are testament to our international expertise. Why not benefit from our knowledge? We will support you in creating your tailor-made solution.

From the initial concept to your finished product.

If you have an idea, are looking for a chemical to solve a problem or wish to tap into new business sectors with your private label, we are the perfect partner to have at your side. A qualified team of specialists will find the right answers for you, selecting and developing suitable formulae in our in-house laboratory. Supported by cutting-edge technology, our experts will support you with their knowledge, from product analysis and material and performance tests to final product approval and registration. Not only do we develop individual products, but also entire product range concepts if required. As brand experts, we will support you with branding, product positioning, packaging design and in the creation of technical and safety documentation. With years of industry and trade experience, we will advise you on application-specific matters as well as distribution and logistics issues.

Thanks to our progressive production processes, direct communication paths and prompt decision-making, we can produce your private-label product flexibly and at low cost, even for smaller batch sizes. Whether you require a standard container or a custom design with specific sealing and metering technology, we can deliver what you want. Whatever you need, Buzil offers both first-class product solutions and a complete and sophisticated range of services. These include in-depth initial consultation, support with application technology and laboratory work and a training programme that is tailored to your needs, among a range of other services.

High-performance products, combined with complete service

  • Consultancy for application technology and laboratory work
  • Formula development
  • Tests of performance and material
  • Product approval and registration
  • Container selection and packaging
  • Flexible production facilities for needs-specific batches
  • Labels in multiple languages
  • Technical and safety documentation
  • Logistics and distribution service
  • Branding and sales pitch

Why not take advantage of our services and range of products? We would be very happy to offer advice.


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