Industrial surface treatment

Industrial surface treatment in proven Buzil quality!

Buzil has been developing, producing and distributing first-class cleaning chemicals and care products for over 100 years. We have extensive experience and expertise in the areas of process chemistry, industrial component cleaning and processing and corrosion protection. The INDUPURE product family covers a broad range of functions for the pre-treatment, after-treatment and passivation of materials.  

Problem-solving – hand-in-hand with our customers

Our solutions are every bit as diverse as the requirements of our customers. At Buzil, we see ourselves as problem-solvers, with our specialists offering personal consultations and tailor-made additional services, from the development and initial loading of the plants to mass production, process planning and process optimisation. What's more, we do all this quickly and flexibly.  

Buzil's success is based primarily on our extraordinary power of innovation. Working closely with users and customers, a significant proportion of our staff are engaged on an ongoing basis in developing solutions in our in-house laboratory. As part of this process, products are constantly inspected and enhanced to ensure that they are always at the cutting edge. The outcome is an intelligent combination of maximum safety, efficiency and sustainability. For solutions that continue to set standards. 

The Indupure 3-pillar system: The basis for the best results

Component cleaning – Process chemistry – Corrosion protection & component conditioning  

Efficient component cleaning is a crucial element of quality assurance. While they are being produced, components need to be repeatedly and carefully cleaned to remove undesirable particles and layers before the next processing stage. The composition of the parts, the respective machining residues before cleaning, and the desired level of cleanliness define the cleaning process required. Whether contamination with solids originating from both chipping and chipless production processes or volatile and liquid substances such as greases and emulsions, Buzil's INDUPURE® CLEAN product family offers the right cleaning chemical for all types of cleaning systems, whilst also increasing your process safety.  

Among other things, the products from the INDUPURE® PROCESS range offer a system that forms a conversion layer to improve surface adhesion and corrosion protection. In addition to passivation, the product line also includes wetting agents, degreasing amplifiers and demulsifiers. INDUPURE® PROTECT was designed for derusting, paint stripping and pickling metallic surfaces as well as temporary and long-term corrosion protection. 

Our range of products and services in the area of industrial cleaning technology is highly versatile and we have mastered the entire spectrum, from the initial consultation to the production of your components. 


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