RKI listing for BUZ® LAUNDRY BRIGHT L832

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Short exposure time at low dosage: RKI approved effectiveness of Buz® Laundry Bright L832.

The Buzil liquid bleaching agent additive and the disinfectant additive Buz® Laundry Bright L832 was listed as a certified and recognized disinfectant by the Robert Koch Institute on 20th February 2019. The Robert Koch Institute keeps a list of remedies and procedures for disinfection procedures according to the IfSG (Federal Law on the Prevention of Infectious Diseases in Humans). The approved disinfection procedure was tested in combination with Buz® Laundry Compact L810 for the sphere of action AB with only 10 minutes reaction time and a dosage of 2 ml Buz® Laundry Compact and 6 ml Buz® Laundry Bright.

To protect humans from contagious diseases, e.g. Norovirus diseases, only remedies and procedures which are officially ordered disinfection measures are allowed to be administered and carried out, in accordance with Art. § 18 of the Protection Against Infections Act. These must also have been tested for their efficacy by the RKI and for their safety with respect to human health and the environment by the BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices) and UBA (German Federal Environmental Agency). They must also be included on a published list by the RKI.

Tested disinfection procedures are listed in Germany in the Robert Koch Institute's RKI list and in the Association for Applied Hygiene's VAH list. In laundering, only tested disinfection methods that are on these two lists should be used for infection prevention. When there are nosocomial outbreaks in community facilities, hospitals, care and nursing homes for the elderly, an RKI listed detergent (e.g. for resident laundry) must be used. Buz® Laundry Bright L832 is certified according to both lists and is suitable for chemothermal laundry disinfection (at a 60°C washing temperature) for alkali-resistant, bleachable white and coloured cleaning textiles.

In particular, the Buz® Laundry product line is characterized by its modular concept and is mostly used in industrial settings. The heavy-duty detergent Buz® Laundry Compact and Buz® Laundry Enz 3 can be individually modulated for customer's needs with supplemental additives such as fabric softeners, a detergent booster or bleach and disinfection components.