NEW: BUCASAN® SANIBREEZE G 454 with active odour blocker!

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Sanitary daily routine cleaner based on citric acid without hazardous classification

New to the Buzil range - the without hazardous classification sanitary daily routine cleaner BUCASAN® SANIBREEZE G 454 based on citric acid. With the new product, Buzil completes its portfolio of cleaning products for use in odorous facilities. Sensitive areas of application, such as hospitals and care and nursing homes for the elderly, place high demands on cleaning products. With Bucasan® Sanibreeze G 454 for sanitary areas, Drizzle® Blue SP 20 for surface cleaning, Corridor® Cibreeze Wipe S 790 for floor cleaning and the ready-to-use Buz® Fresh Magic G 567 room fragrance, Buzil now offers efficient hygiene solutions for all living and sanitary rooms.

BUCASAN® SANIBREEZE G 454 provides reliable and long-lasting coverage of unpleasant odours in all sanitary and wet areas thanks to its active odour blocker with deodorising fresh citrus fragrance. The product is suitable for all acid-resistant materials and surfaces, such as tiles, washbasins and toilets, and is particularly suitable for sanitary porcelain, chrome, stainless steel and aluminium surfaces. G 454 has an excellent cleaning effect and easily removes sanitary-specific soiling such as lime, dirt and soap residues. The integrated beading effect ensures a streak-free gloss without the need for additional drying and reliably protects against water marks and re-soiling.

BUCASAN® SANIBREEZE G 454 is suitable for use in a foam gun and in a single-disk machine, and is available now in both a 1 litre bottle and a 10 litre container.

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