DRIZZLE® BLUE SP 20 - Now suitable for PMMA and with active odour blocker!

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The surface cleaner SP 20 from Buzil now with improved formula!

DRIZZLE® BLUE SP 20 offers two significant product advantages due to its improved formulation. Strong odours in sensitive areas, such as hospitals and care and nursing homes for the elderly, pose a particular challenge for cleaning products. Thanks to the active odour blocker with deodorising fresh fragrance, SP 20 provides reliable and long-lasting coverage of unpleasant odours. The ready-to-use spray cleaner also offers high material compatibility and is now also suitable for acrylic glass (PMMA).

DRIZZLE® BLUE SP 20 is suitable for universal use on all water-resistant surfaces, such as glass and mirror surfaces, ceramic and metal surfaces, as well as varnished and highly polished plastic surfaces. The unlabelled cleaner has excellent dirt dissolving power and leaves a streak-free gloss. Drizzle® Blue is suitable for daily routine cleaning and is especially economical thanks to its low consumption. The convenient ready2use spray bottle ensures that application is simple. The product is sprayed from the applicator bottle onto a folded microfibre cloth and the surface to be cleaned can be tackled directly and quickly.

DRIZZLE® BLUE SP 20  is used undiluted and is available both in a 600 ml spray bottle and in a 10 litre container. From 1 May 2019, the old formula will no longer be offered by the manufacturer.

With the products Drizzle® Blue SP 20 (surface), Bucasan® Sanibreeze G 454 (sanitary) and Corridor® Cibreeze Wipe S 790 (floor), as well as the ready-to-use room fragrance Buz® Fresh Magic G 567, Buzil now covers all living and sanitary rooms in odorous facilities and ensures perfect cleanliness and hygienic well-being.

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