BUZ® Laundry - Now in the handy 2l bottle

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Perfectly clean laundry - easy with Buzil!

They are easy to handle & compact, have an easy dosage thanks to the integrated dosing cap and are simply more environmental friendly as they are refillable - the new 2l bottles Buz® Laundry from Buzil.

Perfectly clean laundry even with a small container!

  • BUZ® Laundry Compact L 810
    Highly concentrated liquid detergent with powerful tenside system
  • BUZ® Laundry Strong L 831
    Liquid detergent booster, ideal in combination with L 810 for particularly heavy soiling 
  • BUZ® Laundry ENZ 3 L 820
    Concentrated enzyme liquid detergent that even combat carrots, tomato & Co.

Further information for the new 2l bottles as well as for the BUZ® Laundry portfolio you can find on theproduct information sites and on theproduct flyer.