NEW: Lavender fragrance oil: Buz® Provence G 565

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G 565 creates the right feel-good atmosphere

The new fragrance oil Buz® Provence G 565 convinces with its pleasant lavender scent. G 565 is ready to use and can be applied almost everywhere.

The active smell blockers directly neutralize bad smells and all that remains is the pleasant scent of lavender with a touch of citrus. This creates a refreshing feel-good atmosphere in every room. Therefore, the fragrance oil Buz® Provence G 565 can be used in the most diverse rooms: This ranges from sanitary and wet areas, WC facilities, lounges and changing rooms to sports and wellness areas.

This makes the Buz® Provence G 565 fragrance oil ideal for quick and versatile use in public and private facilities, retirement homes, restaurants, sports and wellness facilities and the hotel industry, among others.

Therefore, with Buzil everything is perfectly clean and spreads a perfect scent for sure.