NEW: Buz® Laundry Color+ L 821 and Buz® Laundry Chlorin L 833

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L 821 & L 833 are the addition to Buzil's strong laundry portfolio

Buz® Laundry Color+ L 821 and Buz® Laundry Chlorin L 833 optimally complement the other products in the textile lingerie sector.

Buz® Laundry Color+ L 821 is a liquid detergent for colored and delicate laundry. It is suitable for washing all textiles, functional underwear, wool and silk.  L 821 gently cleans and cares for the fabric, while at the same time ensuring that the fibers and colors are optimally protected. As a result, colorful items stay brighter for longer and the textiles look fresh and new for longer. The liquid detergent unfolds its powerful stain-removing properties at temperatures as low as 20°C. 

Buz® Laundry Chlorin L 833 is a liquid bleaching agent based on active chlorine. Chlorin L 833 gives an excellent bleaching effect for a brilliant white laundry. It powerfully removes stubborn yellowing, colour and mildew stains. Therefore Buz® Laundry Chlorin L 833 is ideal for decolourising and bleaching chlorine-resistant textiles such as tablecloths, kitchen linen, work clothes, etc. As a result, white laundry stays white for longer.

With these two new products, Buzil has a product portfolio that is certainly perfectly rounded off and at the same time products for certainly perfect colourful and perfect white laundry.