NEW: BUCASAN® CLEAR with modified formulation

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G 463 sprays new fragrance

The sanitary daily routine cleaner BUCASAN® CLEAR G 463 has received a new fragrance: Lavender. In addition to its powerful cleaning action, the colourless cleaner now also has a pleasant lavender fragrance. At the same time, G 463 contains an active odour blocker and thus eliminates bad odours. 

BUCASAN® CLEAR cleans the entire wet, sanitary and bathroom area with its effective acid combination. It can be used on all acid-resistant materials, such as tiles, washbasins, WCs, sanitary porcelain, glass, chrome or stainless steel, as well as on colour-sensitive surfaces and joints. It easily dissolves lime, dirt and soap residues, dries quickly and streak-free without drying. 

Thus everything is perfectly clean and at the same time perfectly smelling. 

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