Rinax® Clean H 830 ensures a clear conscience and clean hands

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Buzil presents a new hand cleaner WITHOUT microplastic. The hand wash cream RINAX® CLEAN H 830 for industrial and workshop dirt sets a new standard in the area of environmentally friendly hand and skin cleaning.

Rinax® Clean H 830 was especially design for the demands of environmentally friendly hand and skin cleaning in the industry and workshop fields – for a quicker and more thorough cleaning with natural scrubbing agents. The pleasantly scented hand cleaner removes especially tough, very oily and fatty dirt and dust in a natural and gentle way. The skin is certainly perfectly clean afterwards. Another advantage is that Rinax® Clean H 830 flows and can be conveniently used with a dispenser.

The extra fine maize cob meal that the hand wash cream contains supports the cleaning process in a mechanical, but mild way, without causing micro damage. Maize cob meal is a biodegradable scrubbing agent. In addition, the pH value of Rinax® Clean H 830 is adjusted to the natural protective acid mantle of the skin and the skin feels pleasantly soft and relaxed after cleaning.

“An important part of the hand wash cream for us, along with very good skin tolerability and a high content of skin care substances, was also reducing the environmental impact of microplastic”, says Isabell Janoth, Managing Director of Buzil-Werk Wagner GmbH & Co. KG. For this reason, Rinax® Clean H 830 is not only free of solvents and terpenes, but also free of microplastic for a clean conscience about the environment.

Starting 1 October 2019, Rinax® Clean will be available in a 2 l bottle and 10 l canister. Buzil recommends dosing using a dispenser and offers a suitable Rinax® Dispenser H 854.

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