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Since 1 January 2019, Buzil has extended its successful Rinax® product range with three new products.

Diverse environmental influences such as permanent exposure to moisture and pollutants are detrimental to the natural protective function of the skin. Certain substances in the workplace can cause a loss of essential components in the skin such as lipids or hygroscopic substances, which cannot always be restored through the regeneration process in the body. Using the right skincare products supports this regeneration process after work and restores the original elasticity and barrier function of the skin. Rinax® skin protection products reduce skin damage at work and can serve as a preventative measure to reduce the harmful effects of substances on the skin in the workplace or working environments.

With the Rinax® product range, Buzil offers professional skin protection, skincare as well as handwash and hand sanitising products for use in commercial cleaning, industry, food processing companies, retirement homes, hospitals, etc. – in short, wherever maximum skin protection is needed. Since 1 January 2019, Buzil has extended its successful Rinax® product range with three new products.

For use before work, Rinax® Skinguard Pro H 820 universal skin protection lotion and Rinax® Skinguard Glove H 821 antiperspirant offer maximum protection. Rinax® Skinguard Pro readily absorbs into the skin and forms a flexible, firm protective film. Rinax® Skinguard Glove is intended for use when wearing airtight protective clothing, e.g. work gloves, boots and protective suits.

For use after work and during breaks, Rinax® Skincare H 822 silicone-free skincare cream with natural oils and beeswax cares for skin exposed to adverse workplace and environmental conditions. Rinax® Skincare is suitable for use on hands and face as well as rough and chapped skin. Keeps skin healthy and strengthens its resistance when used regularly.

All three products are unscented, silicone-free and comply with the requirements of an HACCP concept. In addition to convenient tubes and small containers, the products are also available in 1000 ml bottle bags and matching dispenser system. From specific minimum quantities, the dispensers are available to customers on loan free of charge.

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