New high performance sanitary cleaner duo without hazardous classification of Buzil

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The new Bucasan® Sanibond G 457 und Bucasan® Saniflow G 458 products are acidic high-performance sanitary cleaners without hazardous classification for daily routine cleaning in any wet
areas. The two products provide a sanitising effect. The integrated beading effect ensures a streak-free shine without the need for additional drying and reliably protects against water marks and re-soiling. The contemporary fragrance contains a very low proportion of allergenic ingredients and leaves behind a pleasant, long-lasting fresh strawberry scent.

Thanks to a powerful combination of particularly effective surfactants and acids, both cleaners remove soiling that is specific to sanitary systems, such as limescale, dirt and soap residue. They are suitable for use on all acid-resistant materials and surfaces such as tiles, washbasins and toilets, and, in particular, porcelain sanitary fittings, chrome, stainless steel and aluminium surfaces, and wall and floor tiles. Bucasan® Sanibond and Bucasan® Saniflow differ in terms of their viscosity. Whereas Bucasan® Saniflow can be used on all conventional surfaces, the Bucasan® Saniflow sanitary cleaner has a longer duration of action and dwell time, making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces. G 457 and G 458 are both suitable for use with a foam gun. This powerful product duo from Buzil is available in 1-litre, 5-litre and 10-litre containers from April 2016.

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