New bottle design - stop deformed bottles

| Categorie:  Pressemittelungen

We've all seen it happen: chemical products such as cleaning agents contain some substances that attack the stability of the container they are stored in. Plastic bottles are particularly susceptible to this chemical influence and succumb to an unsightly constriction effect, thereby not only losing their stability, but also their ergonomic and storage properties. A common side effect is that labels containing important product information no longer stick cleanly to the containers.

Following intensive testing, Buzil has developed a solution to this problem and proudly presents the new 600 ml and 1000 ml bottles. The shape of the bottle is not entirely new; the bespoke design was launched in April 2015 for all ready-to-use articles as a 600 ml bottle, and a series of laboratory and practical tests since then has seen the bottle undergo some refinements.

One special feature of the new bottle is that the horizontal grooves, which give the container greater rigidity and prevent any deformation problems. The geometry of the bottle also makes it extremely robust, while the plastic material offers exceptional resistance to chemicals.

The 0.6 and 1 litre bottles are available from July 2017 and are gradually replacing the previous standard bottles. The dimensions and package sizes of the new containers will remain the same, meaning no changes are required on the part of our customers.

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