Intense Cleaning Effect - Excellent material compatibility: Buz® Mark Ex G 559 by Buzil

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New to the Buzil range - the powerful surface and epoxy cleaner Buz® Mark Ex G 559 in the userfriendly ready-to-use spray bottle. With its highly effective formula, the product gently and effortlessly removes water-insoluble soiling such as marker and ballpoint pen marks, writing ink, stamping ink and label residue. With its moderate pH value of 9.5, Buz® Mark Ex is not only particularly well-suited to all solvent-resistant materials such as epoxies, tables, keyboards, doors and whiteboards; it is also safe to use on alkali-sensitive materials such as aluminium, brass etc. G 559 can be applied selectively, enabling a good level of coverage in the property. Furthermore, the cleaner leaves a pleasant aroma as well as an excellent clean. Buz® Mark Ex G 559 is available now in 5-litre canisters and a 600 ml spray bottle.

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