Indumaster® Step – Buzil's power pack now also available in a 1-litre container!

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Indumaster® Step IR 16 from Buzil is now also available in a 1-litre bottle, in addition to the 10-litre container, offering a good-value solution for smaller areas. Originally developed for use in escalator cleaning machines, Indumaster® Step IR 16 offers so much more. The neutral surface cleaner is gentle on materials and displays fast-acting and powerful cleaning potential on all water-resistant surfaces and floor coverings. IR 16 is exceptionally powerful in dirt removal, and is particularly effective against oily and greasy dirt and for removing lime soap.

Indumaster® Step is used for daily routine cleaning, has very high material compatibility on account of its neutral pH value, and is exceptionally well-suited to aluminium and acrylic glass surfaces and galvanised and powder-coated materials. The stable foam effect ensures good levels of adhesion, particularly on vertical surfaces. Due to the absence of silicone Indumaster® Step IR 16 can be readily used in the car industry, and in bodywork and paint shops. The Indumaster product portfolio was developed for demanding applications in industry and manufacturing and offers efficient solutions with a total of 9 special products.

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