Faster basic cleaning with the new CORRIDOR® Top Stripper S 715 from Buzil

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Time is money, and this becomes particularly apparent during basic cleaning of floor coverings using conventional wet basic cleaning methods. This is why Buzil has expanded its Corridor® floor cleaning and care programme with the Corridor® Top Stripper S 715 quick-cleaning product. The S 715 is ideal for removing the top layer using the top stripping process, and for preparing the coverings for first and second coats.

The top stripping process is a fast and inexpensive process used for the full-surface cleaning of coated floor coverings. As this process can postpone complete stripping and thorough cleaning, fewer people are involved, and the treatment is more environmentally friendly.

Corridor® Top Stripper can be used on all waterproof (including alkali-sensitive) elastic floor coverings and on natural and artificial stone or sealed wood. The mildly alkaline basic cleaner boasts powerful cleaning performance with excellent material compatibility, and works quickly and efficiently. No further rinsing is required following intensive mechanical cleaning using the single-disc or scrubber-dryer and suitable pad. After the dirty water is picked up, a two-step wet mopping with water is sufficient to prepare the covering for a new coating. The cleaner also leaves a pleasant aroma. Corridor® Top Stripper S 715 is now available in 5-litre canisters and 1-litre bottles.

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