Expanding the international availability of Buzil products

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Under the motto "Make it easy with Buzil", we have optimised the international availability of our products and now offer our customers and interested parties an identical standard portfolio in all countries that we currently deliver to. By doing so we are making it even easier for trade to respond to individual demand for Buzil products.

On the one hand increasing globalisation, digitalisation and international connectivity present challenges for companies, but on the other, they offer enormous opportunities for manufacturers and traders. Customers mostly find information about products and services online, but digital information doesn't stop at a country's borders. What happens if all the information is available, but the corresponding products are not? This can quickly lead to dissatisfied customers.

Buzil has the solution, with a revised country portfolio strategy. For the majority of containers/items, we already provide product information in up to 24 languages through a multi-page label booklet. Along with the safety data sheets produced in the country's own language, it enables Buzil to supply almost the entire standard portfolio to all target countries. The sole exception to this is disinfectants (Budenat range and Buz Laundry L 832), as legal requirements mean that these need country-specific individual registrations.

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