Buz® Laundry liquid detergent in the handy 2-litre dosing bottle

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From March onwards, Buzil will also be providing the Buz® Laundry liquid detergents in handy 2-litre dosing bottles.

The two complete detergents Buz® Laundry Compact L 810 and the enzyme detergent Buz® Laundry Enz 3 L 820 are already well-known in 10- and 20-litre containers. The same goes for the Buz® Laundry Strong L 831 washing power booster in a 20-litre bulk container. However, because of the volume of laundry, large industrial washing machines with dosing systems are not always used. Often only manual dosing is possible. In order to be able to offer an inexpensive and practical solution, the three products mentioned above will also be available in 2-litre refill bottles from March 2018. Easy and ergonomic handling was just as important in selecting the container as making sure it could be reused, thus ensuring environmental friendliness. Thanks to the integrated dosing cap and detailed dosage information on the bottle, the ideal amount of detergent is ensured for every degree of soiling.

True to the motto "Make it easy with Buzil", the manufacturer also offers practical stickers to identify the optimum filling quantity in the washing machine, as well as posters with instructions for correctly preparing cleaning textiles.

In addition, the two complete detergents L 810 and L 820 offer significant economic advantages. By means of special measuring procedures for exactly determining the cleaning performance of textiles, up to 20% less detergent consumption can be achieved with optimised dosage and the same cleaning result.

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