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Application movies

One-step wet mopping

One-step wet mopping is suitable for non-textile floors, which are only slightly dirty. This method is more economical when compared to the classic two-step wet mopping. 

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Two-step wet mopping

The two-step wet mopping procedure is the classical wet mopping method and is performed using a double bucket trolley with wringer. 

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During stripping, worn floor finishes as well as all the loose and sticking dirt are removed from the floor covering. Stripping is a multi-stage cleaning process, which is performed at larger intervals.  

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It is advisable to coat heavily used floor coverings with a polymer dispersion. In doing so, a wear-resistant floor finish is created, which protects the floor. Depending on the requirements, various coatings can be used, which can be applied to coatable and water-resistant floor coverings, such as linoleum, PVC and sealed parquet.

Working with a single disc machine

A single-disc machine can be used to wet scrub, polish and sand floors. The single-disc machine is used within the scope of stripping to evenly distribute the cleaning solution and to scrub off sticking dirt and loosened, worn floor finishes.

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Working with a wet vacuum cleaner

Wet vacuum cleaners are suitable for removing water and loosened dirt from non-textile floors. 

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Dust-binding wiping

Dust-binding wiping is used to effectively remove loose dirt.