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Erolcid® G 491

Stoneware tiles cleaner

Intensive cleaner


Intensive cleaner for stoneware tiles, acidic

for microporous, fine-rough, acid-resistant surfaces, stoneware tiles and safety tiles

Product advantages

  • Special cleaner, phosphoric-acid-based
  • Spontaneous, powerful removal of limescale deposits, rust and cement residue
  • RK-listed
  • Suitable for use with cleaning machine and single-disk machine
  • A perfect cleaning performance will be achieved in combination with Erol® G 490

Need more information?

Daily routine cleaning: 100 ml / 10 l water 100 - 1000 ml /
10 l water
Machine cleaning: 200 - 500 ml /
10 l water
Basic cleaning: 1000 ml / 10 l water 200 - 1000 ml /
10 l water
  • 1 l bottle
  • 10 l canister