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Now, current issue: buzil.COMM - CMS trade fair edition

19.09.2017 | Category: buzil.COMM - Customer information

The customer magazine of Buzil

Now, read the current issue of buzil.COMM - the customer magazine of Buzil.


For an intense black - The new coating CORRIDOR® BLACK S 739 (page 3)

For lasting and perfect results - The new cleaner for PUR treatment CORRIDOR® PUR CLEAN S 766 (page 3)

Further topics in this issue: 
- A company with tradition: 
  110 years of Buzil (p. 2)

- For even more efficiency for textile laundry:
  The Buz® Laundry Portfolio (p. 5)

- Just expertise ...:
  Buzil Services for easy application (p. 6)