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New high-coverage professional Corridor® Black S 739

13.10.2017 | Category: Products

For an intense black

Intense black and offering outstanding coverage combined with individual surface finish, is the new S 739 coating in the Corridor® product range. Buzil Corridor® products stand for the highest quality in the field of floor cleaning and care.

This new, non-hazardous black dispersion is free of metal salt, and can be used on coverings such as asphalt, stone, concrete and cement screed, as well as PVC coverings without PUR treatment. The new Corridor® Black S 739 gives a heavy duty black protective finish to dark floors which have lost their colour, giving them a new lease of life.

The excellent dispersive capacity, together with high filling power and coverage, gives coverings an even, dark finish. Corridor® Black S 739 is slip-retardant in accordance with DIN 51131. The manufacturer recommends a fi nal coat with a transparent fi nish. In combination with a matt, gloss or high-gloss seal, this gives coverings a very individual finish. Corridor® Matt S 737, Corridor® Glorin S 734 and Corridor® Jewel S 741 coatings are particularly suitable for the task. 

Corridor® Black S 739 is the successor to the Metallic Star G 103 black dispersion and will be available in 10 l canister. Metallic Star G 103 will be replaced by the new S 739, and will still be available until the end of the year.

 For further details have a look on our product site.