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Welcome to buzil

Cleaning solutions – buzil develops, produces and sells high-quality cleaning chemicals for modern, professional property cleaning. Our success is founded upon continuous research and development, innovative production processes and over 100 years' experience in the industry.


O TENS AZID G 501: Acidic cleaner for porcelain stoneware, surfactant-free

The new O Tens Azid G 501 & O Tens G 500: The ideal duo for the daily...

Buzil customer information September 2014

We will keep you up-to-date...

New: Alkaline sanitary cleaner Buz® Alkasan G 469

Effective cleaning performance on oily and greasy marks in sanitary...

Bucasan® Pino T 465 & Buz® Alkasan G 469

Cleaning Advisor

The cleaning advisor provides you with instructions for optimal care and cleaning.


Cleaning Advisor

Product tip

Planta edtion:
Meets the most stringent demands in terms of environmental protection and cleaning power

Budenat edition:
The best recipe
For safe and longer-lasting cleanliness

Classic edition:
Maximum safety in use
The favourite Buzil cleaner, proven over years of use

Drizzle edition:
So simple to use, and with outstanding cleaning results

Compact edition:
Small quantity – huge effect
Concentrates to simplify storage and transport

Smart edition:
Particularly cost-effective
Reliable and more economical cleanliness